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Would recommend any company wanting to or looking for a project to support next year to get in contact and support this great cause 
Kenneth Howard 
Hard working honest people trying to help fellow veterans with PTSD, would give more then 5 stars  
if I could 
Angela Moseling 
Gary and Sue and all the team at Phoenix Heroes do amazing work for Veterans. I have interacted on a number of occasions and the support they give and the passion applied is admirable. 
Cain Leathem 
It's an absolute privilege to be contributing to this incredible team effort in helping homeless veterans. A very special experience! 
John Thomson 
A great cause and amazing set of individuals making a real difference 
Craig Anthony Willets 
These guys are doing an amazing job bringing the plight of our veterans suffering with PTSD to the attention of the general public 
Elaine Russell 
Top work done buy these guys 
I love my veteran brothers with all my heart I would do anything for each and every one of them and its thanks to Gary and Sue Stockton and the team I'm no longer on my own after 17 years. Civvy street has become a lot brighter.. Without the hard work of Phoenix Heroes who give their time for free I doubt I would still be here, my girls wouldn't have a dad.. I owe them so much and I'm truly grateful for everything.. Sue, Gary and Mark.. if you read this thank you, I love you and I'll see you at the next meet.. 
Their first hand knowledge of the issues and contributory factors enables them to identify, target and assist those suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They are non government funded organisation relying solely on public funding to continue their efforts in helping those in need. 
If you need help, do not hesitate to contact them, if you do not need assistance, do not hesitate to contribute to their efforts. 
Phoenix Heroes has offered a helping hand to give respite, some recovery and helping them to move forwards in life . Thank you so very much for being there. 
What he is doing and has done with Phoenix heroes is a testament to the kind of guy he is compassionate passionate and has a caring nature with everything and everyone he meets. He is such an approachable guy and I miss working with him. Phoenix heroes is something that’s right up Gary’s Street. I as a veteran can’t think of anybody more suitable to champion this cause and with Gary at the helm it can only go from strength to strength to support my fellow veterans struggling in today’s society. 
I love what they do and follow them closely. It’s wrong what has happened to them but with Phoenix heroes and Badger on the case I am confident the situation that our Veterans are in will improve. Long may you reign. Keep up the excellent work. Thanks Badger for all your doing. 
Browsing on Facebook I found “For Queen and Country pt2”, that’s Ireland I thought, I had to watch 5 times before I could get through it without crying. Reggie, the main character in the film used exactly the words I would have used and was homeless, I live in my old Motor-home, one step up but if it breaks down or fails an MOT I’m stuffed. I left a comment on Facebook for the film makers. 
Gary from Phoenix Heroes contacted me almost immediately, very quickly he organised a therapist, Lorraine with whom I have just finished 3 days of very intensive therapy. I am 69, the stuff that gave me PTSD happened almost 45 years ago and for a lot of those years I have been looking for help. I thought I was a hopeless loser but in a couple of months Gary and Lorraine have sorted me out, I feel totally different. No messing with Phoenix Heroes, they do what it says on the tin. Brilliant and thank you so much. 
They help people because they care, they never seek rewards for the hard work they do. They have helped me and my daughter a lot and we do a little bit of fundraising to try and support and thank them but that is not enough in my eyes. They have such a bright future and cant wait to watch them grow and go from strength to strength. Truly amazing x 
They are so passionate, warm and caring and all they want to do is help and make a difference. Nothing is too much trouble. I really hope the cause continues to go from strength to strength and that more people get behind them and then so many more Veterans can be helped and their suffering eased. Keep up the great work. Wishing the whole team well. 
Professional, compassionate, dedicated and totally committed to assisting veterans and the Armed Forces family. They really do make a difference. Please keep up the great work! 
Phoenix Heroes is making a substantial difference to those former veterans that have fallen on hard times after serving their country. 
For as long as I have known them they have always put others needs in front of their own, it's just the kind of people they are. 
They deserve all the recognition and accolades we can give them. 
An invaluable group of people! 
They provide support, have a wealth of experience and a huge portfolio of personalities that are experts in different fields primarily with mental health. All this is down to their extensive work, networking and dedication to ensure that you are never alone. Unsung heroes themselves. 
My life has been turned around for the better, I am blessed and lucky at the same time. I have turned to Gary (Phoenix Heroes) on numerous occasions and the support they have given me has been phenomenal. 
Keep up the great work, and thanks for being there when your needed the most. 
Everyone goes out of their way to help in anyway possible. Brilliant organisation. 
Extremely proud of you all, keep up the good work that very few do, 5 stars from me. 
What is better than veterans helping veterans out, specially when a society has turned there backs to them. I'm proud to say I fully support these great guys/veterans with what they do! 

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to raise awareness across the UK about the high number of veterans that are dealing with PTSD and help our veterans and their families live a normal life again. Through our networks we want to provide the support to as many veterans as possible so they can take part in the outdoor activity days being delivered across our communities. 


We have a shared vision that we can make a huge difference to peoples lives, educate others and raise awareness. We want the UK to recognise Phoenix Heroes as reputable support platform for our veterans and their families who are dealing with PTSD. 
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