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Veterans Supporting Veterans  
We welcome organisations and members of the public to support us by undertaking their own fundraising activities "in aid" of Phoenix Heroes so we can support our veterans and their families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Without your support we would not be able to deliver our outdoor group activities and the full range of life support services. 
We appreciate your support ! 

Please Support Us 


Whatever you have planned for 2020, running, boxing or jumping out of a plane, we would love to hear from you 
Whatever you have planned for 2020, running, boxing or jumping out of a plane, we would love to hear from you 
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You will also benefit from our TIER Support Scheme and be recognised for the efforts that you make whilst supporting us 
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What our supporters are doing ... 

Liverpool FC 
Black Tie Night 1st June 2019 
£965.00 Raised 
Jordan Burke 
Competition Running 2019 
Paras10 18 May 2019 
£2189.85 Raised 
Niamh Shiels Long 
Mount Snowden £376.61 Raised 
Fundraising Week £3000.00 Raised 
Veterans Single June 2019 Download Here! 
Branded Car International Day 
£500.00 Raised 
Tin Collection 2019 
£100.00 Raised 
Donation Web Page 2019 
Auction Donation 2019 
Fundraising Day £1248.02 Raised 
24hr TAB Mount Snowden 1st Jun 2019 
£1200.00 Raised 
Triathlon £2083.07 Raised 
£281.40 Raised  
Art Donations for Auctions 
Vodka Donations for Auctions 
Base Camp Mount Everest £1600.00 Raised 
Sophie Paine 
TG Lynes 
Golf Days £1213.00 Raised 
TG Lynes 
Christmas Raffle £378.00 Raised 

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to raise awareness across the UK about the high number of veterans that are dealing with PTSD and help our veterans and their families live a normal life again. Through our networks we want to provide the support to as many veterans as possible so they can take part in the outdoor activity days being delivered across our communities. 


We have a shared vision that we can make a huge difference to peoples lives, educate others and raise awareness. We want the UK to recognise Phoenix Heroes as reputable support platform for our veterans and their families who are dealing with PTSD. 
Every penny helps make a huge difference! 
Please make a donation below in support of Phoenix Heroes 
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