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Phoenix Heroes is a British Veteran non-profit registered Community Interest Company (CIC) providing support to our veterans and families dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), our support structure also reaches out to our homeless Veterans as in many homeless cases there is a related link to mental health problems. Our support services are based around providing outdoor group activities to our veterans, their families and carers via a range of different service providers. We are currently working with a local organisation named Hawk Farm who are acting as our service provider for horse activity days and carp fishing chill days, we are also working with a number of other service providers that have allowed us to branch out and offer a wide range of different outdoor activities.  
Our approach is very informal, the idea of bringing veterans together to take part on one of our outdoor group activities is to establish a community within a community where everyone has much in common, we believe that this is the most important stage of our service delivery concept. Thereafter we are able to identify if anyone has any further needs with regards to training courses, employment or any underlying issues that we can support them with. This is where our credible network of course providers, employment professionals and other veteran support organisations can be brought in to offer their services. We believe that this approach offers a trusted and effective way of getting someones life back on track, of course we have a professional PTSD body to refer back to and monitor our service delivery activity but veterans supporting veterans is a very powerful part of our approach, gaining trust at the early support stage is an important factor to a successful outcome. 
Message From Our Founder & CEO 

Founder & CEO 

Gary Stockton  
Born in Manchester Jun 1969 
Military Service RLC 1987 - 2009 
16 Air Assault Bde 1999 - 2009 
Operational Tours 
Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Iraq & Afghanistan  
Founder & CEO Phoenix Heroes Jul 2018 - Present 
It gives me great pleasure to be able to reflect on our accomplishments and achievements throughout our early start up in 2018, within this news article we have tried to cover everything, our start up, our team structure, our support organisations, the people we have helped, the milestones and our vision for 2019. With so many people and organisations to thank we hope that we have not missed anything, as you read through I am sure you will agree that we have made some fantastic progress in such a short time-frame.  
We still have so much to do in 2019 but we believe that with our passion, our strong team, our dependable network and service providers coupled with the support that we are receiving from the general public and businesses we will make a difference and change peoples lives. From me personally and on the behalf of the Phoenix Heroes team, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that is supporting us, this has given us the drive to succeed this year and we are all truly grateful. 

Our story so far..... Jul - Aug 2018 

In Jul 2018 we received our Certificate of Incorporation Registration 11479548 from Companies House, now we were officially registered as a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) we had to ensure that all of the normal administration processes were complete such as insurances, bank accounts, domain website, policies and the list goes on.  
For the rest of 2018 we intended to focus on all administrative requirements and pencilled in our go live date for project delivery in March 2019. We launched our website in August and continued to work behind the scenes to establish our structure, team and registrations with the relevant industry organisations. Throughout August we attended many meetings with our service providers and companies that had offered their support. Our structure, team and support organisations began to take shape however 6 months earlier than planned we started to provide support to our veterans, were we ready? probably not but the results of our early support interventions were amazing. It was at this point we knew that our support model was credible. 

Sept - Nov 2018 

In late September and early October we decided to try and gain the support from our local Essex businesses and at the same time raise awareness about Social Saturday for social enterprise organisations like ourselves. We approached this in a number of ways, flyer distribution, pop up stands in the centre of Colchester, local food stores and direct meetings. As this was our first time meeting the general public and business owners we were unsure what the reaction to our new organisation would be, we were overwhelmed with the level of support that we received, this gave us the confidence to plan further awareness and fundraising days. It was at this point we welcomed Brenda O`Sullivan, and her Owls Worzel and Twilight, from Twilight Encounters to our team.  

Business Support  

Throughout these months we continued to gain support from local and U.K. wide businesses and individuals that organised their own fundraising events and generously donated in support of Phoenix Heroes, your support means so much to us , you are helping us make a difference. THANK YOU! 

Our Ambassadors 

We were very fortunate to have Mark "Billy" Billingham from the Channel 4 series SAS Who Dares Wins join us as our Ambassador and then a couple of months later Big Phil Campion another SAS legend also coming on board as our Ambassador, we are so proud and extremely privileged to have the support of these guys.  

December 2018 

This was the month that witnessed our milestone, we started the month by organising a homeless veterans awareness campaign and spent two nights and three days living rough on the streets of London. Our aim was to make a short film to raise awareness around the country about our homeless veterans and at the same time try and help them in anyway that we could. We achieved our aims, the impact that the short film had up and down the country was astonishing, the film inspired many others to do their bit for our homeless veterans around the U.K. and we were so pleased to see the reaction and hear of the success stories. We are conducting another short film in early Jan as we have found many veterans since filming that need support. A special thank you to Military Poems, Tracy Morris, Lee McFarland, Anthony Malone, John Thomson, Billy Billingham, Big Phil Campion, our support team and to Bob and Harry! 
Phoenix Heroes "For Queen & Country"  
Raising awareness about our homeless veterans 2018 
"Bob & Harry are being well looked after" 


Throughout most of December we carried out a number of fundraising activities, set up a Just Giving page, was named as a good cause by the Veterans Raffle, named as a good cause by the East of England Coop green token scheme, organised a Christmas raffle, carried out pop up stands around Colchester and received donations from other businesses, friends and individuals across the U.K. coupled with all of the above we achieved the Excellent status on Trust Pilot, we have tried to cover everything here. 

Christmas Raffle 

Whilst we was on the ground doing our pop up stands we organised a Christmas raffle, the majority of the raffle prizes were donated by local businesses and friends, we would like to thank everyone that donated to the raffle and everyone who has shown their support by taking part and donating to Phoenix Heroes over the last few weeks, we have met so many great people. You help raise £285.00 THANK YOU!  
A special thank you to the Management and Staff of the ASDA Superstore, The East of England Coop and Culver Square , LTS Mascots, Veterans Raffle, Susan Stockton, Chelsea Stockton, Brenda O`Sullivan and Worzel the African Eagle Owl 




Since we launched our TIER Recognition scheme back in Oct 2018 we are receiving some fantastic support, details of our TIER Supporters are listed below. 
Charlie Wise 
APA Events & Security Ltd  
Michael Barrett  
eFocus Marketing 
Chelsea Stockton 
Twilight Encounters  
Marmalade Wealth Management Ltd 
Virtual Guard Solutions Ltd 
Veterans Raffle Ltd 
Daniel Ballistics Ltd 
CAW Consultancy Ltd 
Lee McFarland 
Anthony Malone 
Revell Estates Ltd 
The Arnhem Boys 
iStorage Ltd 
Aquarius Accountancy Ltd 


Let us try and summarise in a few lines, we have been operating since Jul 2018 and first started to help our veterans in late August, since then and with a minimum amount of funding we have helped the following: 
Assisted 3x veterans to obtain professional help to deal with PTSD. 
Networked 4x veterans with their CVs for employment with many more referrals being collated now.  
Registered 8 x veterans to work within the security and event industry. 
Assisted directly, 6x homeless veterans and provided the essentials, progress being made to house and employ.  
8x veterans are now directly involved in supporting Phoenix Heroes.  

2019.... and beyond 

Our outdoor group activity projects are planned for Mar 2019, we have a number of veterans and their families that will be participating, we are also planning our first Carp Fishing trip to France when the weather gets a little warmer. 
We have some very important meetings in early January that will determine the pace that we start 2019, we are confident and looking forwrad to making a huge difference this year, secure additional funding lines and continue to align our capabilities with other veteran organisations. 
Please continue to support us throughout 2019 and please share what we are doing amongst your own networks. 
From all at Phoenix Heroes we wish you a Happy New Year and look forwrad to meeting many new people and supporters over the coming months. THANK YOU!  
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