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Becoming a TIER Supporter  

In our first year we witnessed our TIER Supporters grow at a rapid pace, we hope that you all continue the fantastic support as you did at the very beginning of our journey. It is YOU as an individual and an organisation that truly makes a difference to how we can deliver the support services that we offer to our veterans and their families. A big thank you from everyone at Phoenix Heroes to all of our existing and new supporters! 


Whatever you have planned for 2020, running, boxing or jumping out of a plane, we would love to hear from you! 
You will receive a FREE Exclusive sign up code to save money whilst you shop 
You will also benefit from our TIER Support Scheme and be recognised for the efforts that you make  
TIER Support Recognition Certificate and Brand Logo 
Showcase your support across all social media platforms 
Join in on our projects 
Fundraising Challenges 
For more information about becoming one of our TIER supporters please contact us 

Become a TIER Supporter 

2 yr+ 



You can pledge your support to Phoenix Heroes by signing up to our monthly Direct Debit donation facility. 
Or you can become a regular volunteer to help with our fundraising, your time equates to reaching the TIER levels. 
Undertake your own fundraising activity, a run, a skydive or anything that best suits you! 
Spread your support over 12 Months 

Get Involved 

As a regular TIER supporter you will have access to our planned projects allowing you to attend in person to show your support. 
You will get to meet many of our veterans and understand more about how the projects are making a remarkable difference. 
Any questions then please contact us 

Sign up Direct Debit 

Click on the link below to complete your online banking direct debit instruction and then subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on our social enterprise projects, THANK YOU! 
Contact us if you need assistance 
Community Interest Company 
Registered Number 11479548 

Sustainable Support 

Help us reach our milestones so we are able to provide sustainable support to our veterans and their families. 
We are currently in year six and have set plans for the next 3 years, please help us on our journey. 

Tier Supporter 

Bronze - Silver - Gold - Platinum 
Over any period of time, raise funds in the name of Phoenix Heroes, volunteer on a regular basis and make regular contributions and become a TIER supporter.  
In recognition of your valued support, you will receive the relevant TIER logo to display on your websites and social media. 

Social Media 

We always encourage showcasing those who are supporting us and we would like to repay your kind generosity by letting everyone know that you are helping our veterans. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and our own web platform will highlight this.  
You will receive the full range of Phoenix Heroes logos including our TIER logo so you are able to associate the good work that you are doing for our veterans. As a TIER supporter of Phoenix Heroes, you are entitled to use our logo on your website and other marketing material. The use of the Phoenix Heroes logo is exclusive to our supporters and is valid for the duration of your support. 

Meet Our Veterans 

There will be times when we would like to invite you to certain project activity days, get involved on a personal level and meet the guys and girls that we are helping.  
You will always be invited to our social events and fundraising evenings. Our aim is for our supporters to get to know our veterans and their families but also meet some of our other supporters across all industry sectors. 

What`s Involved 

What is involved in becoming a TIER Supporter? 
Volunteer to raise funds under the name of Phoenix Heroes and support our projects on a regular basis. 
Become a valued sponsor of specific projects or give up a little time to volunteer in support of our projects. 
Make valued contributions over a 12 / 6 or 3 month period to meet the Bronze, Silver and Gold TIER criteria. 
Our Platinum TIER Recognition is issued to those who have shown continuous support for 2 years + 
Volunteer Hours 
Funding Target  
16hrs Volunteering on projects / fundraising 
£200.00 raised within a 12 month period 
(or 12x £16.67 monthly direct debit payments) 
32hrs Volunteering on projects / fundraising 
£500.00 raised within a 12 month period  
(or 12x £41.67 monthly direct debit payments) 
48hrs Volunteering on projects / fundraising  
£1000.00 raised within a 12 month period (or 12x £83.33 monthly direct debit payments) 
To become a TIER Supporter, please contact us 
Volunteering Hrs - You can spread the number of hours that you work on our projects or fundraising days over a period of time. On average our volunteers commit to 4hrs support per volunteering session so Bronze can easily be achieved over four volunteer sessions. 
Funding Targets - The set funding targets can be achieved over a 12, 6, or 3 month period or spread over 12 months using our online Direct Debit service. You can also meet these targets through your own fundraising ideas within your own organisation or make a one off contribution. 
Equivalent Support - There are times when we receive contributions for raffle prizes or a free service, a comparison will be made against the TIER structure criteria to determine which TIER is awarded. An example being a free news article in a magazine or event tickets to a sporting venue. 
Every year we will hold several raffles to help raise funds to support our activity and projects.  

Funding Support 

Our funding lines are shared across a number of activities that are providing the valued services to get our guys and girls back on track. We envisage that a portion of funding raised will contribute to our operational cost with the majority of funding underpinning our service provision. To date we have helped over 800 veterans and their families across our core support services. Over the last five years we have brought thousands of peole to gether on our community engagement projects. We aim to support all veterans across the spectrum of the UK to allow them access to the right service for them. We are a non-profit social enterprise organisation meaning that our funding will always be reinvested into the relevant support project areas. We prioritise our project funding streams against five requirements: 
Outdoor activities - community engagement projects 
Equipment to support various social enterprise projects 
Project travel, accommodation, feeding and outdoor activity bookings 
Cash flow for urgent welfare support  
Operating cost 

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to raise awareness across the UK about the high number of veterans that are dealing with PTSD and help our veterans and their families live a normal life again. Through our networks we want to provide the support to as many veterans as possible so they can take part in the outdoor activity days being delivered across our communities. 


We have a shared vision that we can make a huge difference to peoples lives, educate others and raise awareness. We want the UK to recognise Phoenix Heroes as reputable support platform for our veterans and their families who are dealing with PTSD. 
Every penny helps make a huge difference! 
Please make a donation below in support of Phoenix Heroes 
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